If you are a cat lover and a travel enthusiast, there is finally a way you can combine your two biggest passions in life! This is the ultimate guide of the four world’s best destinations for crazy cat ladies and dudes!


Tashirojima is a small inhabited Japanese island; it was seriously damaged during the Tsunami of 2011 and it’s almost completely abandoned now. It is widely known as “cat island” and it has become one of the most important touristic attractions of Japan.
There is a large stray cat community here and travelers are welcome to feed them and enjoy some quality time with the feline inhabitants. You must always remember that most of the cats are wild, shy and very cautious with humans. Thus, it is very important you do not force them to be pet or held in your arms, and always respect their own space.


Kuching literally means “cat” in the local Malay language, and this should be already enough to make you understand the relevant role cats have in this evocative Asian city. You can find hundreds of huge feline statues in almost every corner of the street and there is even a “cat museum”. The inhabitants of this city are seriously obsessed with cats and if you are a cat addicted like them you may find your paradise here.


In Amsterdam there is a floating shelter and sanctuary for rescued cats, called “De Poezenboot” or “The Catboat”. It was founded in 1966 by Mrs. Weelde, a woman who found an abandoned cat mother with her kittens, and decided to keep them and taking care of those little lives. Other strays soon joined them, and people who could no longer keep their cats started leaving them at the woman’s house. She soon found herself forced to find another facility, and decided to go live on a boat with all the kitties. In 2005 Mrs. Weelde past away, but her legacy still lives on. At “De Poezenboot” you can find tens of homeless cats, fed and looked after by volunteers and kind people. You can pet the cats, take photos with them and also make a donation to help the association.


In Rome, there is an archaeological site known as “Torre Argentina”, the place where Julius Caesar was murdered in 44 BCE. As a cat lover you will be delighted to see many sweet strays around. The cats have this historical location all to themselves and have become part of the city folklore, as well as a touristic attraction. Locals and groups of volunteers feed them regularly and take care of them also in terms of healthcare. Cats like to sunbathe on the ancient ruins while being spotted and photographed by tourist from allover the world. The large majority of the felines are sweet and lovely cats used to human contact.