If you are an avid traveller, and especially if you are a solo traveller, you should definitely start thinking about having some apps on your phone that may be super useful during your trips.
You do not have to bring heavy dictionaries around, or fill your backpack with guidebooks. Whether you are in a desert land, or in a crowded city, the only thing you will need is your smartphone and some tips that we have collected for you in this short article.


Travello is a free social network for travellers that helps find other travellers. You can interact with them, you can share photos and videos on the feed, you can join communities of backpackers and also meet locals who are interested in knowing people from all over the world.

2. “TRIP IT”

TripIt is a free travel organizer app that helps you plan your journeys from the very beginning until the end. It’s an intuitive app that organizes your travel based on confirmation messages and emails you received after you booked something online. It also helps you find and arrange rental car services, tickets, reservations, and excursions.

3. “UBER”

Uber is a free ride-sharing app. It is cheaper and more efficient than regular taxies, this is the reason why so many travellers use it regularly. You have to set a pickup location and time, and you receive soon after a message with the driver’s name and the license plate…and you just have to wait for the driver to come pick you up!


When you travel to a foreign country, language is sometimes a barrier, especially in non-English speaking places. Even the most prepared travellers can face difficulties due to language misunderstanding. English is universally studied, but there are people who don’t understand it and consequently don’t speak it. Google translate helps you understand and get understood. This app is very easy and intuitive to use. You just have to write a word or even a whole sentence in your mother tongue, select the target language (the foreign tongue) and wait for the app to translate everything. Google translate can also read and repeat sentences with the correct standard pronunciation.


Last but not least, we all know the relevance social media have nowadays, and especially the importance of having a great feed on Instagram or Facebook. There are plenty of free photo editor apps, like Vscocam, Lightroom or Snapseed with a lot of eccentric presets and filters that will help you boost your profile. You will make all your friends jealous with the photos of your travels and adventures!